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If you have come to this site... then you obviously are interested about my site/hacks. This place house's my best hacks and some other kewl odd-ball things here.
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Posted: Kabucho 9/11/01
Today is not a good day we are living bros... and i give out my prayers to those who have died today and to the future of this country.

I am gonna start doing a comic with Tzar of OPGaming. It is about one of the greatest games in the world, Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. (aka River City Ransom) Tzar and I are gonna whoop it up.

Posted: Kabucho 09/10/01
Hello people... I haven't done anything new to the site... you can apply for a credit card now... that's about it. I have been lazy about doing anything to Quadruple Dragons... maybe it's time to start on Contra??? A gentleman never tells!

Posted: Kabucho 09/03/01
Added a special thanks page and updated the ROM Hacking News.

Posted: Kabucho 08/31/01
I have added more screenshots to Quadruple Dragons. I took out the Stevo 'N The Krew shots because they don't really show what the game is about. Go to Zophar's Domain to get a download of Quadruple Dragons. Make sure you go to the NES Hacks part of the site. Thanks to Tzar for being the first person to sign my guestbook.

Posted: Kabucho 08/26/01
I added some screenshots of Stevo 'N The Krew. Check them out man.

Posted: Kabucho 07/26/01
Added a guestbook... I don't know why, but I did :)

Posted: Kabucho 08/25/01
Nothing new to update on the site... but check out the ROM Hack Updates :)

Posted: Kabucho 08/20/01
I had to redo my site... I totally frigged up the site... stupid me.

IF ANYONE WANTS TO TRY OUT MY HACKS... email me at stevo_of_misery@metallica.com

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