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About Kabucho
Hey there people... this is Kabucho. I love to hack ROMS... that's about it. Well... I also love to play videogames. They are my life and HAVE not made me any stupider than I already am. :)

About Quadruple Dragons
Quadruple Dragons is about four warriors that set out to revive the Four Orbs of the elements. You can choose from a Soldier, who is very strong in melee attacks, but is as dumb as a brick. The Bandit, who is very quick and is an average fighter. The Monk is very strong if you know how to use him. The Mage masters the art of black magic, while the Priest studies white magic. The Comic is useless... unless you get his character class up.
In this game, all of the text, armor, weapons, magic, almost everything is changed from the originial Final Fantasy. Even some of the towns and overworld map is changed.

About Stevo 'N The Krew
Track 'n field meets get your ass kicked all over the place!!! This game features 4 selectable teams, with 5 events ranging from 400m hurdles to Roof Top Jumping! All the team's names have been changed, along with character's names and such. A very fun game to play!