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ROM Hack Updates
Posted: Kabucho 09-03-01
I have added an item shop to Glendale City... it wasn't intentional to not have one. I have changed a little bit of the elf town, did a makeover on Gaia, improved Melmond, and changed the way towns are setup on the overworld map.

Posted: Kabucho 08-30-01
My hacks are finally posted on Zophar's Domain. Get Quadruple Dragons while it's hot.

Posted: Kabucho 08-26-01
My hack of Crash 'N The Boys has had some more progress. All the teams are changed, along with some other minor things. Still looking for a place to post my hacks :(

Posted: Kabucho 08-23-01
I have a 25% complete hack of Crash 'N The Boys done now. Everyone's name is changed... *except for Baldy and Barns* and some other little things. I still don't have a place to post m hacks... so if you want to try them out... email me. :)

Posted: Kabucho 08-23-01
I am done with Quadruple Dragons... there is nothing else I feel like changing. I would like to change more in the game... but I have to do all this by myself, so it sort of get's boring. Maybe in the future, there will be some more done to it.

I have started a new hack. I am hacking Crash 'N The Boyz Street Challenge for the NES. This hack won't be as thorough as Quadruple Dragons, but it will be a worthy hack. Check back often for more updates to this game.